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Aparde Aparde might sound like sensivity, melancholia and a significant contrast between impulsive dynamic and wide atmosphere. Along his roots in several bands and acoustic/electronic ambient and modern classic now he is based in electronica & techno. Some may say they feel like drifting far away and dropping back into reality. He understands the general principle of simplicity to which every musical idea is related to, no matter which genre. The possibility to create decent, relevant music is connected to the knowledge of different approaches, involving the ability to play an instrument as well as the interest in different musical styles. Aparde, currently based in Berlin, started off young playing drums, guitar and piano in different groups. Reduction and Repetition in rhythm and harmony were the musical aspects which led to his love for fine arranged, melodic, melancholic and warm sounding electronic music. To him, simplicity means to find inspiration in direct sourroundings, in everyday life. Have an ear for the right sound like an eye for the small things.
Aparde´s music embodies the essence of impression, packed in emotionally touching and exceptional tracks. This impressions he tries to transport as a producer since 2008 and as a Live-act since 2012.

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