Over a decade of experience as an engineers, djs and producers!

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If you're looking for professional Mastering, and you like how our tracks sounds, don't hesitate to contact us. We have over a decade of experience as an engineers, djs and producers, and we have already worked for many well known artists and labels like Marcel Dettmann, Phil Kieran, Armada, Gabriel Ananda, Flashmob, Terranova, Argy, Roman Flugel, DJ Hell, Acid Pauli, Leveldva, Iorie, Xique-Xique, Ninze, Rodrigo Gallardo, Monada, Canson, Rapossa, Timboletti, Pipe & Pochet, Elfenberg, PHCK, Olaf Stuut, JOBE, International DeeJay Gigolo Records, Alle Farben, Stefan Biniak, Exploited Rec, Terence Fixmer, Moonbootica, Pablo Bolivar, Ryan Davis, Nils Hoffmann, Thomas Gold, Eddy M, Bebetta, Ultra Music, Warner, Pete Oak, Raffa FL, Sven Tasnadi, Tiger Stripes, Just Her, Martin Waslewski, Marc Poppcke, K-Paul, Ruff Stuff, Stereo Express, Antura Records, Echonomist and many more! Examples of our work are available in the SoundCloud player.

We're a record label so we know that budgets of smaller artists and labels can be tight, and that's why we offer a reasonable price for our service:
- 11€ per track (registered companies)
- 11€ per track + 23% VAT (individual customers)


  • send a note to info[at}exoticmastering[dot]com with all details (put 'Mastering' in the subject field)
  • submit your audio file(s) via wetransfer or other free service. We prefer 24-bit or 16-bit wavs without dithering, -3dB. Please make sure to turn off all processing plugins on your master channel (Limiters, EQ's, Compressors etc).
  • make sure that you're satisfied with your mixdown before you send your track to be mastered
  • Tips - How to prepare a multitrack mix for mastering
  • usually single Masterings are ready in one-two business days, but when the workload is big or it's a bigger order (album, compilation, etc), then it can take up a bit longer. 
  • preferred payment method: PayPal
  • monthly invoices for regular customers (usually for labels with few orders per month)
  • 1 master revision per track included in the fee (don't confuse it with re-master!)
  • re-master: 5€ (if mixdowns need to be altered post mastering)
  • each conversion (Mp3, different bit depth): 1€
  • SoundCloud preview: 1€ per track
  •  *all prices are subject to VAT



Supergirl went platinum in Russia!

Wow! Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS - 'Supergirl' went platinum in Russia and exceeded 100 000 000 views on YouTube! Mastered at Exotic Mastering

MI.LA - Cube

After her well-received Chatram EP released on Lump Records, Exotic Refreshment welcomes Moscow's Mila Velesova aka MI.LA to the label, with her Cube EP...

MŎNɅDɅ - Parousia Compilati…

MŎNɅDɅ starts it's first journey with a return to the essence which manifests and unfolds itself into a colorful...


Native Instruments

- Komplete Ultimate


- Logic Pro


- Mastering software

TC Electronic

- Finalizer
- PowerCore x8


- FireFace 800
- HDSP 9632

Universal Audio

- Apollo 16