Supergirl went platinum in Russia!

Deep Wow! Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS - 'Supergirl' went platinum in Russia and exceeded 100 000 000 views on YouTube! Mastered at Exotic Mastering

MI.LA - Cube

Deep After her well-received Chatram EP released on Lump Records, Exotic Refreshment welcomes Moscow's Mila Velesova aka MI.LA to the label, with her Cube EP. Among the two beautiful original tracks entitled Cube and Guru, you will find here three remixes from Canson (Sol Selectas, URSL, Katermukke, Bar25, Cityfox), Niju (Sol Selectas, Lump Records, Leveldva) and HAFT (Exotic Refreshment, Pipe & Pochet). EP is available on Beatport, Bandcamp, WhatPeoplePlay, Traxsource etc. Mastered at Exotic Mastering

MŎNɅDɅ - Parousia Compilation

Deep MŎNɅDɅ starts it's first journey with a return to the essence which manifests and unfolds itself into a colorful and frisky diversity. A mere blaze of emotional and experimental facets is waiting for the listeners to get explored.

PAROUSIA is an arrival of unique soundscapes of 12 different frequencies by a hand-picked artist team of soulful cosmic monads: ALUNA, ĂVEM, Arutani, Santi, Vincent Gericke, Rodrigo Gallardo, Sangeet, Thommie G., Mose, Intiche, Rokaya, Hrag Mikkel, Sarkis Mikael, Yanakuna, Monoabe & Monada themselves.

The philosophy describes Parousia as the effective presence of deities and their influence on the future history of mankind. It's the beginning of a new stage, a new world, a new consciousness. Free! Blissful! Ecstatic! That's exactly the way we want to go.

. Compilation is available on Beatport etc. Mastered at Exotic Mastering

Zazou & Landhouse – La Paz

Deep Zazou & Landhouse – La Paz is now out via Leveldva. EP includes remix from Xique-Xique and you can find it on Bandcamp, Beatport and Spotify. Mastered at Exotic Mastering

Geju - Water Elements

Deep Few weeks ago we had the pleasure of mastering new album from Geju. "Water Elements" is now out via Leveldva (already #3 in Beatport Electronica Top 100) and includes 15 slow house stories... Remixes and collaborations inside: Ninze, Acid Pauli, Iorie, Waxwood. Check it out on Beatport, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Mixmag. Mastered at Exotic Mastering

thds - Panacea

Deep thds is a teamwork between Belgian-Portuguese multi-instrumentalist ‘Raoul’ and Belgian-Colombian vocalist-percussionist ‘Pierre’. Growing up in the same Jesuit forest school, they have developed a natural and resourceful brotherhood. Being influenced by their own cultural roots, they harmoniously combine acoustic and electronic music with organic world music.

The duet is obsessed with simplicity. Their musical will is to reduce superficiality to quintessence: life, nature, truth. Therefore they experiment around the themes of happiness, ecology and multiculturalism.

The two brothers started thds in April 2017 with a documentary video about their childhood city of ‘Luik’. They released ‘Peace Green’ in late 2017 on Lump Records (Chile-Mexico) and 'Walonreye' on Akumandra (NYC-Mexico) in 2018.

On this EP you will find also 2 beautiful remixes from Lerr (Montenegro) & Rabih Rizk (Lebanon).

EP is available on Beatport etc. Mastered at Exotic Mastering

HAFT - Ountera

Deep HAFT is a music production partnership between Sam Naseh and Amir Subb, two individuals who have always made their own distinct combinations of rhythms and melodies. Together they create a new unique deep and dark sound with eastern flavor - a seamless mix of traditional Middle Eastern instruments and modern techno.

Their debut EP on Exotic Refreshment entitled Ountera is now out on all major stores (Beatport, Bandcamp etc) and includes three original tracks from this Iranian duo, but also three remixes from Timboletti (Underyourskin Records, Sol Selectas, Lump Records), Geju (Leveldva) and Trippin Jaguar (Amselcom,  Mastered at Exotic Mastering

DJ Hell - Guede Remixes

Deep Guede Remixes is a remix compilation of DJ Hell taken from his 5th studio album Zukunftsmusik. The release features two remixes by Joyce Muniz and Paul Nazca. Guede's soundscape is acidic yet minimal, with its distorted vocals and raucous instrumentation lending the track an eerie and at times ethereal vibe. Each artist brings a uniquely different perspective on the sound of the original cut, whilst never completely abandoning the track's core identity. Paul Nazca infuses it with trance, Joyce Muniz keeps the acid and adds the deep. Grab your vinyl copy from Mastered at Exotic Mastering