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MŎNɅDɅ - Parousia Compilation

Deep MŎNɅDɅ starts it's first journey with a return to the essence which manifests and unfolds itself into a colorful and frisky diversity. A mere blaze of emotional and experimental facets is waiting for the listeners to get explored.

PAROUSIA is an arrival of unique soundscapes of 12 different frequencies by a hand-picked artist team of soulful cosmic monads: ALUNA, ĂVEM, Arutani, Santi, Vincent Gericke, Rodrigo Gallardo, Sangeet, Thommie G., Mose, Intiche, Rokaya, Hrag Mikkel, Sarkis Mikael, Yanakuna, Monoabe & Monada themselves.

The philosophy describes Parousia as the effective presence of deities and their influence on the future history of mankind. It's the beginning of a new stage, a new world, a new consciousness. Free! Blissful! Ecstatic! That's exactly the way we want to go.

. Compilation is available on Beatport etc. Mastered at Exotic Mastering