HAFT - Ountera

Deep HAFT is a music production partnership between Sam Naseh and Amir Subb, two individuals who have always made their own distinct combinations of rhythms and melodies. Together they create a new unique deep and dark sound with eastern flavor - a seamless mix of traditional Middle Eastern instruments and modern techno.

Their debut EP on Exotic Refreshment entitled Ountera is now out on all major stores (Beatport, Bandcamp etc) and includes three original tracks from this Iranian duo, but also three remixes from Timboletti (Underyourskin Records, Sol Selectas, Lump Records), Geju (Leveldva) and Trippin Jaguar (Amselcom, morgen.am).  Mastered at Exotic Mastering

DJ Hell - Guede Remixes

Deep Guede Remixes is a remix compilation of DJ Hell taken from his 5th studio album Zukunftsmusik. The release features two remixes by Joyce Muniz and Paul Nazca. Guede's soundscape is acidic yet minimal, with its distorted vocals and raucous instrumentation lending the track an eerie and at times ethereal vibe. Each artist brings a uniquely different perspective on the sound of the original cut, whilst never completely abandoning the track's core identity. Paul Nazca infuses it with trance, Joyce Muniz keeps the acid and adds the deep. Grab your vinyl copy from deejay.de. Mastered at Exotic Mastering

Runov - Antigua

Deep Runov's beautifully crafted Antigua EP, released on Pipe & Pochet, is filled with strings and synths that make you just want to stop and get lost in the music. His pads take you to dream spaces that stab at euphoria and his grooves get your head bobbing to the beat. Antigua & Valley of Shadows are now available on Beatport, but you can also download here a free bonus track Ginoa.  Mastered at Exotic Mastering

Sebastian Davidson - Golden Age

Deep No need to introduce the exceptional talented Sebastian Davidson (Large Music, I Records, Armada Chill.) who delivered a fantastic groovy deep house release called Golden Age, which is now out on Beatport via Be Adult Music.  Mastered at Exotic Mastering

Apollo's Messengers and EKDK - Play To Love

Deep Apollo's Messengers and EKDK - Play To Love is out today on Beatport via Mr.Moutarde Records! On remix duties Marcus Sur (Steyoyoke / Noir Music / Moodmusic) and Th Moy (Click Records / Steyoyoke / Dear Deer).  Mastered at Exotic Mastering

Hrag Mikkel - Mirroring Responses

Deep Hrag Mikkel is back with another EP for Pipe & Pochet. This time releasing two original tracks called Mirroring Responses and Triptych Vision. Included in the EP are remixes by Alvaro Suarez, Lemurian, MoM and Anut, and Valeron. All remixes place a special touch of originality to each track. EP is now out on Beatport.  Mastered at Exotic Mastering

DJ Hell - Zukunftsmusik

Deep DJ Hell´s 5th album "Zukunftsmusik" is now out on Beatport via International Deejay Gigolo Records! Mastered at Exotic Mastering. Vinyl and CD coming soon.

S.K.Y. - Y Keep Silent

Deep For the first release on Mr. Moutarde Records, the label unveils the upcoming Amsterdam based DJ duo S.K.Y. After winning the biggest producers contest of the Netherlands, being featured in DJ Mag (NL), S.K.Y. now brings you their debut EP 'Y Keep Silent'. The EP counts 3 enchanting originals and a powerful remix made by the talented duo Folie a Deux. Supported by Eelke Kleijn, De Sluwe Vos, Michel De Hey, Olivier Weiter, Estroe, Spektre and more. EP is now out on 12" vinyl and you can grab it from djshop.de.  Mastered at Exotic Mastering